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What should be the level of the new physic site?


From sifting again through the comment thread in the TRF discussion about the new site, the question of the physics level the future site should have seems not yet completely clarified apart from the consensus that popular science questions and high-school questions are not appropriate. So let’s do another poll:

Another point worth discussing could be if the site should be exclusively for students and researchers with some kind of academic (physics) affiliation, or if serious and knowledgeable enough physics enthusiasts will be welcome too? For example Mitchell Porter claims to read string theory papers just for fun, and I don’t know anything about his educational background. But he writes extremely nice and often very high level answers, and his questions are very interesting too, so I think such people should be highly welcome on the new physics site anyway.  I personally think everybody who is seriously interested in the topics of the site and able to contribute at an appropriate level should be fine on the new site, independent from his proven background concerning education, etc … But this may be just me, so lets discuss this and other things related to the level of the site here.



  1. So, we’re pretty much settled that it is “Graduate Upward”, right ? .

  2. It occurs to me after reading <a href="; this question; should software-related questions be on-topic?

    After all, it’s also useful to physicists.

  3. […] here , we know that our scope is going to be graduate upward. From here , we know that Theoretical […]

  4. […] needed for a site at a higher level as opposed to a site for basic physics. When we conducted our poll for the level of our site nearly last year, “graduate level” won the poll. However, now […]

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