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What topics should be welcome on the new physics site?


There has already been a fair amount of discussion on TRF about what topics should be allowed and welcome on the future physics site, so the purpose of this post is to streamline what has already been said and ensure, that we are all on the same frequency. I got the impression that even though we will use the Theoretical Physics SE questions (and maybe some good ones from Physics SE) as a basis of questions to start with, allowing exclusively research-level theoretical Physics questions could be a bit too narrow, even though outside the SE network we will not have to fulfill any stringent activity / traffic / etc criteria …

Many people said that it would be nice to allow for experimental physics, phenomenology, condensed matter for example belongs to theoretical physics anyway, too at an appropriate level. The level of the site will be discussed on another related post shortly. So to be sure that we agree what we want (and to test if I am able to embed a poll in a post 😛 …), here is another poll about the ON TOPICS of the future physics site:

On Physics SE I noted, that people seriously interested in learning physics at a technical level liked to ask some rather mathematical questions they needed answers for too, so I added mathematics to the list too. As I know that the relationship between very advanced theoretical physics and mathematics is very close anyway, I am not against having some mathematical questions too.

In the course of the TRF discussion it had also been said, that the new physics site should not be about engineering, applied physics, and I guess everybody agrees that we don’t want to invite crackpots who try to sell us their personal non-mainstream theories. So here is another poll to assess what we think should be OFF TOPIC on the future site:

An aside concerning “off topics” for people who know Physics SE  … ;-): I hope and assume (?) we do not want to declare reasonable (as defined by the majority of the community) study material / reference request questions (called recommendations on Physics SE), or questions that rightly so can have multiple good and interesting answers (termed list questions on Physics SE) as off topic …

When voting, you can choose multiple answers to the polls at the same time, if I have done it right … 😉



  1. Hm… Weird, when I was vwoting for the second (“off-topic”) one, I knew it was about the off-topic questions, but when I was about to vote, I was like “Wait a second, books should also be ON-topic!”, so I clicked “Other” and typed books, forgetting that it was the off-topic.

    In other words, just ignore one vote of the “Other”.

    • Dilaton says:

      Ok, no problem 🙂

      I have never seen another science site having any issues with book questions apart from Physics SE, so maybe we do not even have to specifically discuss this …

  2. M. says:

    I think that “Mathematics (useful to physicists)” is not a happy term. It would be better to have a section about “Mathematical physics” itself, a subject whose importance is growing more and more on its own.

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  4. […] here , we know that our scope is going to be graduate upward. From here , we know that Theoretical Physics, “Fundamental Physics”, Mathematical Physics / […]

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