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Things that should be done better on the new site than on Physics SE

As discussed in the comments to previous posts, the general Stack Exchange concept of running a Q&A site works well and the features available are mostly useful,  so things should not unnecessarily be changed too much.

However, on Physics SE there are certain things that are handled in a way which is rather counterproductive to building up a free academic community, which should therefore be avoided / done differently on the new site.

Here is a poll to identify what exactly these things are:

This list is most probably not exhaustive (and not too well-organized either) …

So everybody is welcome to point out in the comments what is missing or not formulated accurately enough, such that the list can be completed and improved.


  1. Also Vote caps (30 votes on main and meta, but 10 votes extra on meta)

  2. Mitchell Porter says:

    I want to express support for and appreciation of the efforts being made on this blog. Along with the PsiEpsilon wikia, it’s a seed that may grow into something important – Internet physics resources and forums that combine freedom with high quality.

    • Dilaton says:

      Hi Mitchell, thanks !

      It would be very nice to see you on the new site too, once we manage to go online 🙂


  3. Reading Q2A’s installation guide, it seems that Q2A essentially installs as a subdomain “/qa” on an existing website, so for someone who has an existing (self-hosted) website, this would be really free. Maybe you should have mentioned this to Hendrik Van Hees?

    By the way, if you think that Hendrik Van Hees didn’t reply to you because of your real name “Dilaton”, maybe I should send an email to him, since my email address and real name are ordinary? .

    • Dilaton says:

      I have just written to Arnold Neumaier again and asked him if he knows about a reason why he does not reply to me at all (not even with a short negative answer) …

      I think it is best to wait and see what Arnold say, to decide if it could be a good idea that you write an email to Hendrik van Hees too, but thanks … 😉

  4. Dilaton says:

    I have just added the “hot list” feature to the things that should not be done on the new physics site:

    Generally I think this hot list thing of SE is rather stupid, as nothing but pupolar and very basic questions get featured and upvoted there by people all over the network who have no clue about physics for example. For example technical questions about CFT get never featured in any hot lists, such that the whole hot list thing is actively harmful for the level of the physics site.

  5. Dilaton says:

    Yep,.. 🙂

    I know still many more nice guys, such as this one for example, he asks nice questions

    • Oh, yup, forgot about him.

      • Dilaton says:

        Maybe I could dedicate a post in this blog to build a list of people who are or could be interested in the new site, such that for example your lists would be a bit more save than in the PhysicsOverflow chat room …?
        I could write a list there of the nice people I have in mind, say about tomorrow evening.

        And other interested folks could some kind of subscribe and leave how they are best contacted in the comments too, if they want.

  6. Have you tested Q2A on a laptop yet?

    I think it is also very important to test the edit history plug-in:

    Download the zip and add it into the plug-ins sections of the Q2A source download.

  7. […] are also important, and from this post, as well as from Pratyush’s various posts on the meta of Physics.SE, we know that it is […]

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