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Admin Dashboard Settings: Part 1 – General Customisation


We have already discussed Plugin Customisation for Q2A   but Q2A even allows customisation in the core itself. And this customisation is actually very important as we will see soon, since it allows a whole lot of things, including the ability to see vote counts.

The Q2A core can be customised in the Admin Dashboard, which can be found at  /admin  and there are lots of different tabs for different sorts of customisation. In this post, I’ll be discussing the “General” customisation, which can be found at /admin/general .

Here’s how the general Admin Dashboard is supposed to look like:

Unititled (!234!)


  1. Site Name 

We have already discussed this and yay, the results are

      • The Stacked Branes [+4]
      • BPS Overflow [+4]
      • Physics Overflow [+3]
      • Fundamental Physics [+1]
      • The Hidden Sector [0]

So, how about “The Stacked Branes aka BPS overflow“?

To convey what the site is really about a banner, and a site URL of or http://somethingsomethingsomething/physicsoverflow would be enough, in my opinion.

    1.  Preferred Site URL  

Huh, what?

    1. URL structure

The notice clearly says “Options with the OK label are working for your site’s configuration. For best search engine optimization (SEO), use the first OK option available.

The first “OK” on the Q2A Demo Sandbox is “/123/why-do-birds-sing“, so that would be best. It’ is also easiest to type, and even to remember. But it needs some “htaccess file, so that’s . . . scary.

    1. Site Language

English (UK), buh.

    1. Site Theme (for both mobile and normal)

Candy looks silly, and out of the two (classic and snow), I think that snow looks better. You have 30 minutes to compare for your self. Edit: Site is now refreshed.

    1. Question Classification

Already discussed, tags and categories

If there are any     (testing spacebars) objections, please voice them out in the comments.



  1. Dilaton says:

    I have realized that maybe we are not completely free to choos the URL structure, certain plugins demand a particular one …

    • Which is the particular one? I hope all the plugins require the same one?

      Can’t the plugins be edited? They are all under the WTFPL license (one even mentions that), so the sources are visible easily and there are obviously no legal issues in editing it.

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