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Endangered or very High-level Physics Stack Exchange Questions


We will be using all of the TP.SE questions through it’s latest data dump available on it’s closed A51 page at here.

We will also be using some selected (filtered by tags, only select those questions which have any one of these tags questions from the September Data Dump available here or more specifically here.

However, there have been a couple of interesting questions popping up after September too. Some of these are endangered by the recent policies.

List all suggestions here in the comments, so that we can have a systematic way of looking at the questions to import (other than the data dumps, of course).

But note, please don’t list a question just because it’s on-topic. Basic QFT, for example, is on-topic, but don’t list it unless it is endangered, or very high-level. only list the endangered on-topic, OR very high-level questions here.

Also please only list it if the question ID is more than 76440, or it would be in the data dump.




    Now I have to focus on the other thread!

  2. Ψε = (Dimension10) wrote (February 17, 2014 at 05:20):
    > […]

    Ψε = (Dimension10) wrote (February 19, 2014 at 04:38):
    > […]

    What happened to those posts ?

    And what happened to my reply to these posts (from a few days later) ?!? …

    • Dilaton says:

      Hi user12262,

      to regain your accound on PhysicsOverflow, you can just send a message to We will then send to you temporary login data, which you can change after the first login.


      • Dilaton wrote (April 24, 2014 at 09:03):
        > to regain your account on PhysicsOverflow […]

        First of all: thanks so much for the opportunity.

        Now, there are a few things to consider which I’d like to do here publicly to let you know about:

        1. My public PSE username “user12262”, which is apparently a default user name in order of registration with SE, came about by me having been inexperienced with the (P)SE naming options and having been too polite to change my public username after I had already been commenting. I tend to prefer being rather recognized by my real name upfront at PhysicsOverflow.

        2. I just looked up the three imported questions (cmp. the comment April 24, 2014 at 07:55) which I had authored at PSE and I found that there have been comments given to them recently, on PhysicsOverflow. To me, that adds some urgency to “regaining my account” or plainly registring at PO.

        3. These recent comments at PO are largely negative. (Not to mention the comments that had been given earlier at PSE.) I like to think that the commentators would prefer to be shown more explicitly that these questions are concerned with (as far as I can judge) advanced issues touching on the foundations of (physical) geometry and kinematics. (This might involve quite significant changes to the phrasing of the questions, and added discussion. After all, I did learn quite a bit by participating in PSE, even still in the past few months since I had authored these questions.)

        So I’m considering

        – registring at PO freshly with my real name,
        – asking “new” questions which are (to my understanding) basically equivalent to the old imported ones, but with more emphasis on the advanced/foundational difficulties to be considered,
        – letting the old imported questions basically let go (since “user12262” isn’t there anymore to defend them); perhaps merely adding some comment with a reference to the corresponding “new” question (which I’d still have to produce). Or perhaps adding some comment that I’m planning on doing that …

        This course of action may reflect badly on “user12262” (who to the casual reader might appear unresponsive, and plainly unqualified). But it still seems straightforward and doable, compared to whatever might be expected, involved, and resulting from “regaining my account“.

        So I just did. (Register. All else will still have to wait a couple of days.)

        • If you want, I can merge your earlier (imported) account into your new account if you tell me the username of your new account.

          In that case, you will be able to edit your old questions, too.

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