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Admin Dashboard Settings: Part 2 – Points (rep settings)


As Polarkernel pointed out  here, there are some issues concerning the correct installation of the votes for from TP.SE imported posts (and any posts imported from an SE data dump ..?) .

This has among other things the effect that it is not straight forward to recalculate them after for example a decision to change the rep a user earns for an up vote on his question from 5 to 10 (as it was when I joined Physics.SE …). So these rep settings for different events as up/down votes, accepts, etc should be settled before importing the TP questions. As some people said, things that worked on Physics SE should not be changed, so I suggest to apply mostly the same settings. The points for different events can be customized by going to the Admin Dashboard and chose the menu Points. I will now list the available options, together with the SE settings:

  • Posting a question:   0 points
  • Selecting an answer on your question:  2 points
  • Per up vote on your question: 5 points
  • Per down vote on your questions: -2 points
  • Limit from up votes on each question: ? not available on SE
  • Limit from down votes on each question: ? not available on SE
  • Posting an answer: 0 points
  • Having your answer selected as the best: 15 points
  • Per up vote on your answer: 10 points
  • Per down vote on your answer: -2 points
  • Limit from up votes on each answer: ? not available on SE
  • Limit from down votes on each answer: ? not available on SE
  • Voting up a question: 0 points
  • Voting down a question: 0 points
  • Voting up an answer: 0 points
  • Voting down an answer: -1 points
  • Multiply all points by: 1x
  • Add for all users:  1 point

BTW isn’t it some kind of fun that we can now choose these setting on our own … 😉 ?

Concerning the limits from up/down votes of question and answers, I would personally set them to a large value such that these cutoffs have no impact and our site is renormalizable … ;-P.

General Remark: I think it would be a good idea to write the settings we agree on in these Admin Dashboard discussions down in the respective posts, such that we have them ready when we want to go online. This holds for Dimension10’s post about the General Settings too.



  1. I think there *is* a rep limit for Questions and Answers on SE.

  2. – Posting a question or answer
    This should not increase rep points at all. It could just be a rubbish post.
    – Selecting an answer
    We’ve settled that we’ll disable this feature, right ? .
    – Upvote on question
    +5 works just fine.
    – Downvote on question
    -5, why should downvotes be less damaging than downvotes, especially when there are no trolls ? .
    – Limits
    Set it to an impractically high number like 100000000000000000000000000.
    – Voting
    Why should that affect our own reputation? Why would criticising someone tarnish one’s own reputation ?
    – Multiply
    – Add

    Also, note that Q2A has negative points.

    • Oops, accidentally submitted. I wanted to wrighte:

      Also, note that Q2A has negative points. That is great!

    • Dilaton says:

      I am not sure, if the possibility of accepting an answer can be turned off, but of course we can set the corresponding points to 0. And this feature is, conversely to what SE people always think, not very useful since in physics often not a canonical correct answer exists …
      So if needed, the community can just agree to not make use of this feature (?).

      In may personal opinion, -5 for a downvote looks a bit harsh 😉 …
      But if we really successfully manage to keep trolls, dimwits, rascalls, cheese dicks, etc out it might be ok, the same goes for free downvotes.

      BTW I think it will be very important to keep up the level we agreed on in a similar strict way as MO does and by no means let popular and too basic stuff creep in …:
      As one can see from what happend on Physics SE, it simply does not work to maintain a physics site for all levels. If one tries this, the people interested in popular and very basic stuff will always be more numerous and quickly start to dominate (the moderation of) the site because they can earn rep faster due to the fact that stuff at their level is naturally more popular than LaTex heavy theoretical questions for example. On Physics SE they have unfortunately completely taken over …

      About offering a welcome gift of 1 rep or not I dont really care, what is definitively bad is giving away a large (association) bonus to people just for joining who do not necessarily have the slightest clue about the topic of the site. On MathOverflow they are not particularly amused about this either 😉

  3. Dilaton says:

    Duh, now I am working on a post to explain the privilege system (permission settings) in Q2A and insigate a discussion about some (community) moderation issue, but I am not yet done …

    It can be expected to appear on Wednesday 😉

  4. […] and asking and answering possible for free, whereas to do other things dependent on rep (or points). One has to be careful, because some privileges do not behave in the way known from Stack […]

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