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More specific meta questions


(I’m trying my best to use the visual editor, please excuse any crappy formatting)

Here are some more specific meta questions (compared to the fundamental ones) I  think we should have, from lessons on the Meta of Physics Stack Exchange:

  • SE account reclaim  


  • Close Vote Requests         

Q2A does not have an inbuilt VTC feature. To  allow for a “VTC” feature, we should have a meta posts on which one may request for close votes. (X rep users would agree/disagree in the comments; total of two  agreements minus disagreements would mean closure).

  • Reopen Vote Requests  

Just like the last one.

  • Tag Synonyms and

To decide on Tag Synonymisation; which tags have the same meaning as one another, etc.

  •  Burnination

To decide on Tag Burnination; which tags are useless, etc.

  • Which questions should be in the “FAQ” tag? 

Like this.

  • 404 Page

I suggest the D’ Alembert one, by the way : )

  • Suggesting additional categories .

We have categorisation on Q2A. The default categorisation will likelyily be     this.   However, users should have the ability to “suggest” categories.

  • … ? ( suggest in comments )  

Any issues with the existing ideas ? Any more for proposing ?



  1. Dilaton says:

    Thanks for this post, this shortens a bit the article I am currently prepering … 🙂

  2. […] was faster than me LOL and has just written an article about community moderation by meta posts  here … To this I basically like to add that we can steal the Requests for Reopen Votes thread from […]

  3. Dilaton says:

    Maybe we should later on, when we are online, also write something like this

    (stolen from MathOverflow ;-P)

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