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Admin Dashboard Settings: Part 4 – Some more “General” Customisation


Some Sort of a “Follow – Up” to Part 1 of Admin Dashboard settings.

  • Provide a Feedback Page?

    Unnecessary, in my opinion, since we have a meta.

  • Logo
    I don’t know, but here’s my proposal:

    Stacked Branes (BPS Overflow)

    Any objections? Or here’s an other one:

    Untitled (21401236432141569807312.041)

    Or any other proposals?

  • Custom HTML in Side Bar

    Already discussed

  • Other Custom HTML?

    I don’t exactly have an idea for these, but Q2A allows one to add custom HTML in the Side Bar, the Side Panel, the Top, the Bottom, the Head, and an option to add some meta tags.

    I suppose the head will mean basically the MaThJaX script, and the meta tags would be the tags used for things like Google site verification, etc. …

  • Widgets

    There are some widgets allowed by Q2A. Namely, “Recent Activity” (I think this is a nice feature to attract new users. Also, if I am not wrong, it increases SEO if you put it at the top of the side panel, or something/where like that ), “Ask Box” (may be a good idea to increase the number of inflowing questions), “Related Questions” (as on SE, a very nice feature), “Basic Ad Sense” (I don’t know what it is, but on the demo sandbox, it just “ad”ds a big space or gap at the top of each page.) and “Tag Cloud” (a good idea for new users to quickly get what is the scope of the site)

Ok, that’s it for this post, and I think the next post should be about the “Posting” Settings.



  1. Dilaton says:

    If I remember it correctly, Ad Sense is what puts in the Adds on TRF and Lumo obtains some money for clicks (or something). I could look it up but not right now …

    So I am not sure if we need this, in particular if we can find a resonable solution for the hostings, such as the one suggested by Argonut for example.

  2. dushya says:

    Hi guys,
    I would suggest you to think once more regarding the name of the site. According to the current status of poles, “Physics Overflow” has got more votes (sorry that I was late to vote).

    Two main reasons that Physics Overflow could be a better name is i) this name is not biased to string theory ii) Math Overflow which is a research level mathematics site has been around for many years now. So if you choose the name to be “Physics Overflow”, then by its very name people can get the idea that the site is a physics analog of MO i.e. a research level physics site. It may in particular attract the attention of mathematicians active at MO.

    • Nooooooo!

      Ok, fine then. You’re right about (i), but (ii) isn’t really true, because Stack Overflow is more famous than Maths Overflow.

      • dushya says:

        You are right, but the point is not which site is more famous. Physics is more related to mathematics than to programming or computer science; so users active at MO should be easily able to recognize that the site is about physics. i) “Stacked Branes” has no “overflow” in it ii) “BPS overflow” has no physics in it. Its only “Physics Overflow” which has both the things in it 🙂 and thus would get more attention of mathematicians at MO.

        • Dilaton says:

          Hi dushya, thanks for coming here :-)!

          I agree that even though “Stacked Branes” and “BPS Overflow” are fun names and nicely stringy, what I generally always like and appreciate :-D, it is in my personal opinion better to go with PhysicsOverflow (even though the name is less exciting in a way) to make it clear already in the name, that the new site should be some kind of a physics analog of MathOverflow …

          I have observed, that most good and highly reputed MathOverflow users are exclusively active on that site, they do not even have an account on (Meta) Stack Overflow, …
          Sporadically I have seen MathOverflow users posting immensely nice high-level technical questions on Physics SE, which got completely ignored by the current crowd there or nicely upvoted but not answered. So it would be good if we could attract such nice users to the new site by already saying in the name that that the new site is meant to be a MathOverflow (which they know) but for physics.

          Concerning the possible confusion with (Meta) Stack Overflow, I think we do not want to attract people who are more familiar with and highly reputed on (M)SO too much (it can not be excluded that there are nice physicists and mathematicians among them though)…
          I have generally observed, that people who have high rep on (M)SO mostly adhere strognly to the SE model and political (over)moderation put this over having good content on the site and a nice free community. Such things I think we want to avoid by all means on the new site … 😉

          Heck, I feel even slightly ashamed that my second best score inside the SE network is on MSO (I am not a darn politician!) and I am slowly reducing it by downvoting the worst most sourpuss SE typical ideas and new restrictions they are discussion there, whenever I feel like it just for fun … ;-P
          Of course, my downvotes do not much because the worst ideas for new restrictions and increased patronizing of normal users etc are always the by the political crowd most upvoted ones….

        • Ok, yes, I agree with that.

          • Dilaton says:

            NOT welcome on the new site: This user


            as he is explicitely calling for people to take part in a witch hunt against legitimate technical questions that come up when studying advanced topics such as spinors, in Physics chat …

          • Dilaton says:

            Maybe we should not only maintain our “white list” embedded in the post about site promotion, but start a “black list” too … 😉

            I already have quite a long black list in my head … ;-P

            • No, don’t waste time doing such things. We all know who these people are, anyway. What’s the point of having such a list?

              • Dilaton says:

                Yes, it was not meant serious, rather ironic / joking because this guy (I am sure he has no clue about what a gamma matrix is) trolling in chat like this really upset me …

                And even our friend Frederic Brünner said “close” to the questions … :-/

              • @Dilaton: About Frederic Brunner saying “close” to the questions, I think it is because many including him and jinawee have not yet found that retaining such questions is very important now, with all the crappy questions staying open, even if it means that the question could be very slightly leaning over to the “no-effort home-work” side.

              • Dilaton says:

                Yes, and they has killed it now, whereas people such as the OP and user26143 are still discussing in the comments 😦

                They do not even have the decency to migrate it to Math, even though on Math SE they ignore such questions which are more useful and important for (theoretical) physicists ….

                Too bad that I was not able to kick it out of the close queue before jinawee saw it (the rascals really seem to have conviced him to vote too political in chat) …

              • Dilaton says:

                I expect the rascals and trolls to attack many other such and even more good legitimate technical questions of theoretical physics students soon too.

                So Physics SE will be left with conceptual 😉 low-level equation-free crap because the really hard high-level questions not tagged homework will stop to come in too, as there will nobody be left who can answer them. And that the rascalls are actively driving away students who can ask technical questions at an intermediate up to high level, we have just witnessed … :-/

                So I claim that the long-term IR fixed point of Physics SE is popular conceptual(!) low-level crap … ;-P

      • Dilaton says:

        Dushya had the good idea to promote our new site to be and ask people for input about important thins on Quora too.

        This I will probably do when I came to it. So we can then revive the poll about the name to among other things … 😉

  3. Galante disse:Pessoal, acho que reação de vocês ao questionamento inicial do Bacchi extrapolou o bom senso e não deveria acabar em ofensas pessoais. Vamos baixar a bola um pouco e respeitar a opinião dos outros, por favor.

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