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Admin Dashboard Settings: Part 5 – Posting


The menu Posting of the Admin Dashboard allows to customize different things related to posting questions and answers, as you can guess from the name 😉

Some basic options can be enabled or disabled by a check mark. I write down here what personally would choose, so please say so in the comments if you disagree

  • Close questions with a selected answer: nope, and in addition until now we rather tended to refrain from choosing a selected answer anyway
  • Allow questions to be manually closed: yes
  • Allow users to answer their own question: yes
  • Allow multiple answers per user: yes
  • Allow questions to be related to answers: don’t know what this means
  • Allow comments on questions: yes
  • Allow comments on answers: yes

Then you can choose either the Markdown Editor or a WYSIWYG Editor as the default for posting questions, answers, and comments. Here, I think we should choose an appropriate Markdown Editor, see also the discussion about Plugins.

Next, you have the possibility to provide custom messages that appear in the forms used to ask, answer, and comment which can be activated by a check mark. These features are similar to what Stack Exchange applies to overpatronizing users by writing “don’t say thank +1” there etc … ;-).

  • Custom message on ask form – HTML allowed
  • Custom field for extra information on ask form
  • Custom message on answer form – HTML allowed
  • Custom message on comment form – HTML allowed

Some minimal criteria posts have to fulfill can be specified next:

  • Minimum length of question title: 
  • Maximum length of question title: maximum possible is 800
  • Minimum length of question body:
  • Minimum number of tags: 1
  • Maximum number of tags:
  • Use commas as the only tag separator: yes (check mark)
  • Minimum length of answer:
  • Minimum length of comment:
  • Check email notification box by default:

As this has nothing to do with political moderation ;-), I think we can use the SE settings where possible here.

After this comes a text field for censored words, you have to separate them by commas. As we are, conversely to what Stack Exchange thinks, grown up intelligent people who do not need to be patronized by telling us how we are allowed to communicate with each other etc, we probably don’t need this. However, be writing some awful political terms SE often (ab)uses there, such as “broken window”, “big city problem”, “not constructive” etc, this feature might be useful as a detector for SE politicians who are trying to undermine our site  … ;-P. That the SE typical political overmoderation can indeed completely destroy several years old beta sites by continuously and strongly acting against the community, you can see for example here.

Ok, back to business 😉 … Then come some options related to define related questions:

  • Check for similar questions when asking: yes (can be enabled by a check mark)
  • Similar questions matching: here you can choose widest, wider, default, narrow, narrowest
  • Maximum similar questions to show: maximum 50

Finally, you can specify some settings concerning tagging :

  • Show example tags based on question: yes (even though we do not expect to have as many askers as Physics SE who do not even know enough physics to choose appropriate tags and therefore create tons of silly unprofessional ones 😉 …)
  • Example tags matching: widest, wider, default, narrow, narrowest
  • Show matching tags while typing: yes (can be enabled by a check mark)
  • Maximum tag hints to show: maximum 50

Generally, I think we should seriously discuss what Physics Overflow urgently needs before going (bugfree LaTex, TP users can reclaim their posts and accounts, attribution of questions not taken from the TP data dump, …?) online and which less important but still nice to have technical issues can be deferred a bit and resolved while the site is already running, in the near future, maybe before Christmas.



  1. “alllow questions to be related to answers” means you can allow users to click “ask related question” on any answer. I ‘ ve done that a few times on

  2. I think we should have custom html on ask, answer and comment forms, like:


    What's your specific question? Provide details. Note that only graduate - level Physics is allowed.


    Please use answers only to answer questions. To comment, discuss, or ask for clarification, leave a comment instead.


    To answer, leave an answer instead. Comments are usually for non-answers.

  3. Ok, regarding the min/max’s , I disagree with you.

    It is meaningless to have a minimum question or answer or comment title or body of any more than 1 character. The quality of a question or answer or comment is correlated with the length of neither it’s title, nor it’s body. Of course, there can’t be a one letter body or title, nore two, orn three. But how far will we increase that limit?

    The very irritating thing about asking questions, or even editing them, is the limited number of tags. It’s very annoying to have to tag interesting questions which really need more than 5 tags. Theredofore, I think this should allso be an impractically high number.
    I think the e-mail notification box should be checkwed by default, in case people forget to return to the site.

  4. You never know, there may one day be a Physics concept called “big city problem”. Don’t censor it. What if the PhysSEs polite-icians talked about using a firewall against good questions?

    • But maybe some very obscene words could be censored, especially since they will obviously’ never contribpute anything.

      I reaklly don’t know what’s going on with my grammar and spelling now, maybe I shouldn’t have read a Febrauary chat message by David Zaslavaskpoo.

      • Dilaton says:

        By Big City problem, the SE staff and politicians mean that the place has become so large (a big anonymous city) that treating each other fair and with respect is no longer needed, and the asshole behaviour many of them display on MSO namly assuming alway the worst about other people and their (more often than not) innocent intentions, motivations, and suggestions, is appropriate. You know what I mean … 😉

        What chat message of our favorite terminator-dictator did you read … ;-)?

        Being annoyed and upset messes up my grammar and correct writing too … 😀

        If you want to read something nice to cheer up, Lumo has written and article about the first Amplituhedron-Paper …

        • I know what they mean by big city problem, just saying that we shouldn’t censor the term off.

          It was the chat message in which David Z blamed the situation of PhysSEs on those who left, including Ron and Arnold Neumaimer, and when Manish Earth later accused Ron Maimon of corruption (no, seriously, he had, which is sort-of strange, given that he had actually slightly leaned in support of Ron during the question, until he became a moderator.)..

          This is whatj I just wrote in my Anti-SE essay:

          as he unfairly shunned the concerns of “Mussri” in a chat message as he dismissed all the knowledgable members as disruptive and their behaviour as intolerable,.

          This was followed by his denial of writing this message even though any blind person could see it right above.…,., This was followed by Dilaton getting suspended for a day, for having made :” unfounded accusations”against David Z as he[(DavidZ]) supposedly neverwrotethis above messaaege (!).

          The blame of the ghradjual falingl of Physics.SE was put on the knowledgable users who left.They have every right to leave such as trolliietarian monarchy of idiots.

          Furthermore, David Z later accused Arnold Neumaimer, Ron Maimon, and ironically random low-rep users, of having demanded a priority for higher-rep users, and for only not letting lower-rep users speak frankly.

          More ironically, many such as David Z and Manish Earth even admitted to have not even known who Ron Maimon was! In that case, those idiots have no right whatsoever to judge him, or banish him, for they’ haved not even been read his answers or listened to his arguments in support of frankkness.

          Finally, Ron Maimon was accused of corruptionn by Mmanish Earth.

          • Dilaton says:

            Hahahaha Trollietarian monarchy is exactly THE to the point description of what is going on … 😀

            Censoring SE political terms was rather meant as a black ironic joke … 🙂

            Demonizing of very nice reasonable intelligent and even well meaning people, just because they disagree or dare to speak about things certain other people would rather like to shrug under the rug, point out injust things that are not ok at all, dare to question the SE POV, guidlines, rules, etc … is the exact (at times horribly hateful) behavior I too often observe on MSO …

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