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Admin Dashboard Settings: Part 6 – Users Settings

    • Notice at top for first-time visitors 

Maybe we should use this oppurtunity to reinstate that only graduate-level questions are allowed, something like:

Welcome to “Physics Overflow”! We are a site for graduate-level Physics, from […] to […] . Off-topic questions will not be answered, and will be closed, or even deleted very soon.

would be just fine.

When a visitor just sees that notice once, they’ll hardly care. People generally don’tbelieve such things immediately, or will at least think they’ll get answered, or at keast they’lll get a hint from someone; you’ll need to drill it into their head if you really put the same notice everywhere. Therefore, I think that this notice should not just be put in the Top, Site Notice Bar for new users but also on the:

    • Custom Message on Register form

and the

    • Custom Message for newly registered users
  • Log in by email only, not username

Why would one want to do that?

  • Allow users with posts to change their username

No, this is misleading, when users change their username too drastically. If they want to change their username, they should be having to contact a mod first, who should check that the change is not too drastic.

  • Enable Private Messageing 

Why not?

  • Rest of the options

You can see them here . I think the checkboxes there should all be marked as “yes”, and the options can just be taken to be default. It may be  a nice idea to make the default avatar something nice and funny, like this:

Untitled (21401236432141569807312.041)

like on TRF.



  1. Dilaton says:

    Haha yep changing usernames can be confusing, upon first reading this post I thought we have a new writer from MathOverflow … 😀

    Yes, the graduate level issue and be put at different places…
    Yust a minor small comment: I think we want graduate-level questions should more correctly mean we that we want graduate-level UPWARD quetions, such that professors for example can get their actual questions answered too by colleagues, if they ask them on the new site … 🙂

    • Ha, yes, that’s a good idea.

      Hm, I think my user name is still the same here, (since no avatara is displayed, it’d be misleading for me to change it).

      • Dilaton says:

        Ah yes, I confused it with something else …

        I did not know that Gugg is changing his username like mad and that he is now Transmission From …

        Seems he has access to the close/reopen queues too, but until know I have not observed him there. I rather expect him to be more reasonable and know better than doing a lot of damage and harm there in the same why other users who obtained their rep exclusively from answering basic and popular questions do by persecuting questions about topics they dont understand …

  2. The formatting I wrote this in has convinced me to never use the visual editor again : ) .

  3. […] I realised a forgot an important setting in my previous post . […]

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