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Admin Dashboard Settings: Part 7 – Navigation Bar Settings, etc.


Ok, here’s the seventh part of Admin Dashboard Settings, about Navigation Bars.

Firstly, I think
that out of the default links we can have all of them, except
probably “Q&A”, as it’ is basically the home page, which can be
found by clicking on the

Out of those enablable by plug-ins, the two displayed in the demo sandbox aare
basically the useless “Example Page” (Who wants to know that they clicked “Ok then”
, and the sitemap which is useless to most users of the site (right?, does anyone even know where SE’s sitemap is?).

For the custom pages, I think we should have a link to meta, the tag wikis, and the review queues. Remember that the tag wikis and the (Suggested Edits) review queues will most likely be hosted on The Matheamtics and Physics Wikia. I think this is advantageous for a number of reasons.

  • As for the suggested edits, it’s the only way we can do this.
  • As for the tag wikis, it’s also the only way we can do this, since the tag description plug-in for Q2A is hardly satisfactory. We *could* install it though, to just provide a link to the tag wiki on the Mathematics and Physics Wiki.
  • The tag wikis on SE are hardly tag “wikis“, at all. No one – body can edit them. It’s all suggested edits. And a more difficult suggested edit than the usual one. Why, the entire Q & A are more “wiki” than the so-called tag “wiki”s, since you just need 2k rep to edit them normally, as opposed to 20k rep, and Community Wiki posts are easier to edit, requiring just 100 rep. And here, stupid mods talk about how talking about D-Branes isn’t a[[ppropriate for a tag wiki a about btranes branes. Those mods just have no brains : ) …
  • The wiki interface, and even more-so, Wikia’s default narrow-width “Oasis” skin (check it out, click on this random article I found, and ensure that the “rails” are not hidden) look very appropriate for a tag wiki to me.
  • I think linking such websites may be advantageous to both, since people whom join either one can come to know of the other, which is good because a collaborative wiki, and a collaborative Q&A, are both important, especially for Physcs.

Which reminds me, I think we should also have a custom HTML on the sidebar telling people to suggest edits at this page.

Additionally, we may also have a “Meta” and “Main” links there, because people may not bother going through the categroiories, oor even eimagine that both “Meta” and “Main” exist there.

Any other ideas?



  1. Maybe we should also link to Q2A’s about page, as it is in the Q2A demo sandbox, as a way of thanking them ?

    By the way, I don’t fully comprehend the usage of the “Meta” category (on this blog, not on Physics Overflow, of course : ) . . . ). This:

    • Dilaton says:

      Hm, concerning the meta of the blog, my idea was to have it for talking about the things concerning the blog itself (and not the PhysicsOverflow to be), such as if the layout should be inproved, what structure it should have, what we should write in the blog, and stuff like this …

  2. Dilaton says:

    Maybe we can use this plug in (have not yet tested it, will probably do tomorrow)

    to have a very short description plus a link to the extended tag wikis on the Mathematics and Physics Wikia on Physics Overflow itself for each tag.

  3. Dilaton says:

    I think we can easily spread out the different review queues of Stack Exchange by adding appropriate links to the relevant community moderation meta questions to the navigation bar (you can even specify of only registered users, people with enough rep, mods, etc can see the additional links):

    – Close queue: -> Request for close votes meta list
    – Reopen queue -> Request for reopen votes meta list
    – Low quality queue -> Request for deletion votes meta list
    – First posts -> another appropriate meta list
    – Late answers -> another appropriate meta list

    Not sure, if the last two are really needed. And the suggested edits link can point to the list on the Mathematics and Physics Wikia.

    Community reopen on Physics SE has become completely useles, there is another new reviewer in the queues now who should no better than kicking out good questions of the reopen queue 4 people try to reopen … :-/

    and done by the old known culprits

    ect, ect, …

    To bad that we have lost Akhmeteli (he avoids the reopen queue now completely), whereas the number of reviewers who do the job in a very dilettant, overreaching (misjudging questions they have no clue about) way, still increases and obviously is not bounded from above 😦

    • Yes, good idea. I think F.P. and ;L.A. review queues are not necessary, especifally on a gradaute – level site.

      I think we can have some hope in Kyle Kanos…

      • By the way, sometimes when I post a comment, it automatically removes it and gives me an error saying “Sorry, this commetn cannot be posted..”.

        • Dilaton says:

          Hm, I dont know what happens to these comments, they are not marked as spam.

          Kyle Keanos seems to vote in the review queues exactly as tpg2114, jinawee, Brandon Enright, etc …
          Too bad that these days many questions attain 4 reopen votes that decay useless, because there are always 3 Trolls who kick the question out of the queue, see for example here again:

          And of course no moderator ever comes to help, we can be lucky if they simply ignore the reopen queue instead of locking the question as soon as it has obtained 5 reopen votess…
          These people should really be banned from reviewing … :-(0) !

  4. Dilaton says:

    Now I have written some templates for our community moderation meta lists and successfully put corresponding links into the navigation bar on the main page of my test Q2A site for:

    – Closing questions
    – Reopening questions
    – Deleting posts
    – Undeleting posts
    – Importing questions

    The last one is intended to poll about specific questions to be imported from (mostly physics) stack exchange. Polarkernal is now working on this …

    So we have review queues now 🙂


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