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Admin Dashboard Settings: Part 6b – Users settings (again)


I realised a forgot an important setting in my previous post .

At the end of the Users settings page, one may define the fields found on the user profile. On Stack Exchange, one has about, website, location, age, and real name.

I have little to say about this. Does anyone have any ideas about what we may need additionally? Probably two websites could be allotted, like “personal website”, “professional website”. What about a place where one could list the other projects (other Q&A sites, etc.) to which they contribute to? Is “location” vague (is it better to have one “location”, and one “from”?)? Should we get rid of anything (location?).

Note that one may add additional fields, decide it’s type (URL? Single line of text ? , or entire essay like for About?), change it’s visibility (make Full name visible to everyone, unlike on SE? or is that a bad idea?), and it’s positions.




  1. Dilaton says:

    Thanks for this addendum 🙂

    I think we should handle the issue of real names in a similar way as MO does, they encourage but dont insist on them. Discussions can be found on their meta, but I still can not link from my smart phone (the next few days unfortunately)…

    • John McAllison says:

      I would tend to stick with the user profile on Math Overflow. People can always put in additional information in their “about” field, so the other fields are there to remind people to put down what’s of interest to others.

      If you look on the profiles of people on, even there the information is pretty scant, given that it’s supposed to be based upon social networking.

    • Hi, PolarKernel told me in a comment that you were hospitalised. Hope you’re feeling better now, that 1 week is almost over.

      I’m not sure if it’ is even necessary to use real names. Of course, if any new research is done through PO, I’m sure that the real names can still be conveyed through Private Messaging ? .

      • Dilaton says:

        Thanks for the good wishes 🙂

        Yes I am much better now, and tomorrow I will be back home again before going to another place to further recover for some weeks.

        Polarkernel said that the time is near now to think about how to test PhysicsOverflow in some kind of Private Beta on a real host with a selected number of participiciants 🙂

        I will probably write a blog post and a Quora thread about this soon, to reach out for people interested in taking part in this test phase, etc

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