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High-level old questions


Following up on this, please write down the URLs to interesting questions on Physics.SE, whose question ID is lesser than 76440.

You may use, for example:



    • Oh, no, I posted a huge comment just now, and my internet connection went off, and on again! I just realised, that instead of posting each question individually, It makes more sense to post links to repositories of these links, e.g. Lubos Motl’s answers on a certain tag, etc., and link to specific questions individually if needed.

  1. (some are just because of the answers being advanced enough):

    Some Repositories:

  2. Dilaton says:

    This is quite a nice bunch of good stuff you have alrady gathered 😉

    Yep, here on my recovery stay in Graal-Müritz I am just learning what s badly horribly sucking internet connection is 😉

    Knowing that Lumo is at the verge of earning his 3rd gold badge for string theory made me feel sorry that I now longer post (stringy) queations on Physics SE.

    But then, observing the arrogant pompous dillettants damaging the site by agressively attacking excellent questions annoys me so much that I know that I made my decision rightly so…

    Those aggressive damaging rascals, we both know their names, should be permanently banned from the teview queues !

  3. Repositories:

    • Dilaton says:

      This can not be true, the dimwits have deleted his questions?

      I’ll try to recover them on my test site from the text in hid about me …

      The aggressive dimwits ruling physics se since too long a time are becoming more and more insane and irrational, they start to behave like malware that randomly destroys useful information …

      Heck, maybe the APODs are not real persons but instances of a cyber attack on the site … ;- P


    I know the question isn’t that good, but I like the answer by dgh (the other one by Danu is fine, too, but dgh’s one is exceptionally good here).

    • Ψε = (Dimension10) wrote (February 17, 2014 at 05:20; February 19, 2014 at 04:38):
      > [If two ends were a certain “length” apart were they therefore at rest (or at least rigid) to each other?] ;

      > [Can a value of “length, in meters” be attributed to a pair of ends which are rigid (but not at rest) to each other?]

      Thank you for listing these two closely related questions (of which I am the author) here; even though their “ID“s are evidently not “lesser than 76440” (as prescribed on the top of this page) — and thereby apparently recognizing:

      – that these questions are “endangered on SE” (the first one is presently qualified on SE as “as unclear what you’re asking” and “put on hold“, while the second one is presently qualified on SE as “an exact duplicate of [the first one]“. Needless to say that I had contested these qualifications in comments already …); and

      – that these questions are of sufficiently “high level” (and, presumably, sufficiently clear and distinctive) to be imported into the “Physics Overflow” stock of questions.

      So once again: thanks, to you personally, as well as to everyone involved, for your efforts — making the public pursuit of physics less dangerous and less acrimonious. Having learned about this initiative and this website already early on (through Dilaton’s comments at “The Reference Frame” beginning last year) I’m now more than ever looking forward to its fruition, and to a chance to participate in it myself.

  5. notes: twistor59, k-boy, ron-maimon, lubos-motl

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