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Fine Tuning

I know, everybody is impatient to see our site running and I apologize the delay. During several tests I found some issues to be corrected before new questions are entered in our database. However, in my opinion we will be faster like this, because otherwise we would have risked to have an inconstistent database or even to lose questions on repairing it. Preparing the test technical beta phase turned out to be more complicated than we thought. Additionally, Dilaton has been severely handicaped by an extremely poor internet connection, which made the communication very difficult. But now, we are very close! I assume we can go online for the test-users during the coming week. Dilaton will advice them in an email, how to connect to the beta site and how to contribute.

These have been the main issues:

  • The way Question2Answer handles access restrictions on plugins is vulnerable. A plugin may be set to be invisible for unauthorized users, but this does not really prevent the access. Therefore I had to add code to realize a strong proof of authority.
  • In the A51 import, several users had multiple (up to 4) accounts with the same username. This is not allowed under Question2Answer. I was not capable to resolve if these users with the same name have been really the same person. As a temporary solution I have manually corrected the database and renamed these users to USER_1, USER_2, … and so on. Actually I am developing a simple plugin “Merge User Account”. This will be very delicate and I am not yet sure if this can be really handled properly. Users with multiple accounts should please contact me directly. However, this plugin will not yet been required for the beta tests and therefore this issue will not slowdown our project.

The contact to register as test-user is still open!


  1. Dilaton says:

    The version I imported the questions into is a different one. We thought it is better to wait with importing questions to the online version of PhysicsOverflow until the technical beta is done.

  2. Dilaton says:

    I think (as Polarkernel said too) it is not inappropriate to start some important organizational / policy threads and already discuss a bit, but to finally decide it might be better to wait until we have a larger community in cases …

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