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We have a talk at the 5th Offtopicarium :-) !

A few weeks ago, Piotr Migdal made me aware of the Offtopicarium (he is among the organizers), which is a mixture of scientific conference, workshop, and geek gathering ;-). Its purpose is to discuss topics and ideas, which are usually off-topic  to “regular” events and meetings, but nevertheless interesting and exciting.  The Offtopicarium welcomes (rather geeky 😉 …) people, who have a good idea and are passionate about it, such as scientists, entrepreneurs, people involved in startups, NGOs, and such.

So, after nice discussions and kind encouragement by Piotr Migdal, I finally submitted an abstract. It got just accepted, such that we will have  a (20 min + 20 min discussion)  talk  about PhysicsOverflow at the

5th Offtopicarium (26-28.09.2014, Węgierska Górka, Poland)

(Click the title for more information!)

Of course, I will shamelessly use this opportunity to introduce and advertise PhysicsOverflow:

The Q&A part as a revival of  Theoretical Physics SE and a physics analogue of MathOverflow, whereas the Reviews section should take the role of an overdue competitor of the (outdated and flawed in many ways) journal peer-reviewing process.

And who knows, maybe we will also find a second system developer there, to help and unburden Polarkernel …?

Anyway, summer holidays are mostly over (at least in Germany …) and members of PhysicsOverflow are heartily encouraged to make PhysicsOverflow look as awesome  as possible by nice contributions 😉 !

Even though I already have some ideas of course ;-), I would be happy to consider suggestions concerning the talk, they can be mentioned for example in the comments here.

Cheers !


  1. Jia Yiyang says:

    Cool!! will there be photos/videos? I really would like to see how it goes.
    Jia Yiyang

  2. I think that exclusive focus should be put on the reviews section, and not make it seem like a minor nice addition to the Q&A. The reviews section the biggest point that tells people that we’re not “just another forum”.

    Also, please talk more about it being a physics analogue of MathOverflow than it being a revival of TP.SE – and ensure that everybody understands that the scope is not just theoretical physics, but also experimental, phenomenology, etc. The focus on mathematics being on-topic should be present, but minimal.

  3. “News” is ipso facto supposed to be “new.” Op-eds and editorial opinions are free to repeat themselves as often as need be, but daily news isn’t. Journalists are not supposed to play the role of seat belt reminder lights; we’re supposed to note the messages they present and integrate newly reported information into our thinking. On the other hand, if the entire -subject- of climate change and its knock-on effects comes to be seen as yesterday’s news, we miss such rare things as the entire surface of Greenland being in a state of melt.

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