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The revenge of Schrodinger’s TP cat

This blog was initially intended to support setting up a higher-level physics Q&A site following the spirit of the former Theoretical Physics SE site.

The result of these discussions is PhysicsOverflow,  which is now up and running in public beta.

The full-fledged site will, in addition to the higher-level Q&A part (graduate-level upward), contain a Reviews section to discuss and peer review in real-time papers mostly from the ArXiv (but other sources can be considered too).

We decided to keep this site as the Official PhysicsOverflow Blog to continuously discuss and report about issues that are important and/or of interest for the PhysicsOverflow community.

More details about what PhysicsOverflow is and how you can get started to contribute are explained in the FAQ. The old discussions are still present in the archive, but for new meta discussions about PhysicsOverflow it is best to take place directly in the Meta category of the site now.

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  1. Dilaton says:

    Yep, that was just a preliminary test blog roll …

    Concerning Backreaction, I have to see if I want to consider it friendly enough to be there, until now she misunderstands things from time to time but did not seriously annoy me and sometimes the posts are quite good.

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The revenge of Schrodinger’s TP cat

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